Your wedding is one of the most significant events of your life and as such should be given proper attention to ensure your special day is a complete success. Planning for your wedding entertainment doesn't have to be a difficult task, since there are many budget wise services available to help you through your busy schedule.

As part of our entertainment services for weddings (as well as corporate events, parties and charity events) Valerie Marks can help you schedule her role as the wedding singer, by helping you to select songs for different segments of your wedding. For instance, you might prefer to have songs of worship during your wedding ceremony and part of the bridal party walk along the aisle, as well as during the signing of the wedding register. This allows your guest to relax and focus on live entertainment allowing you to spend that extra time with your newly wedded other half. Having the correct wedding songs and a professional wedding singer during your ceremony events also shows that you took the time to assess and cater for the needs of your guest instead of leaving them to ponder your return from the registry.

Also, having a live entertainment singer during your wedding procession teases your guests and make them curious as to what to expect at your wedding reception.

As for your wedding reception, perhaps you could ask the wedding singer to prepare two songs; one for the father and daughter dance and the other for the bridal party dance which is also known as the first dance. Since you will be opening up the floor to your guest to join in during the second song, perhaps you can make the second song a bit faster than the first. Basically you need to capture the vibes of your guest and let them ring on the cheers, which will transform the dance floor into a splendid and lively environment.

Your Wedding DJ should work closely with the wedding singer, so that there is a seamless transition between live and pre-recorded music to take on the rest of the duration.

Valerie has a diverse repertoire of wedding songs that can suit your requirements, but as always, if you have any direct request that you would like, please let her know and these can be accommodated seamlessly into your unique event day so you never have to worry about entertainment. Ideally you want things to go smooth and entertainment is a crucial part of you wedding activities, so plan your wedding music and songs with the best from the Valerie Marks.
Need Corporate Entertainment for your Business Function?

Corporate entertainment is an excellent way to build team and client spirit for better working/business relationships. Valerie Marks has a flexible and professional entertainment package to make sure your party and unique occasion is successful, memorable and one of the best hospitality event with splendid atmosphere.

Valerie's cabaret act is suitable for all occasions and she has a diverse repertoire to cater for your staff and guests musical needs, with live music entertainment for all aspects of your corporate function. With a relaxed, yet musically lively atmosphere and songs to suit your audience moods, you are sure to enjoy your business function.

Whether your are interested in a singer/soloist for concerts, party, conferences or music festival event, then Valerie Marks is the perfect professional singer you are looking for. Valerie can perform some of the most popular songs -to bring back yester-year memories -as well as current chart toppers with vibes and enjoyment for your party crowd. If you are into RnB, Reggae, Jazz, Blues, Souls, Pop and Motown Hits, then you are sure to enjoy your musical experience and party entertainment. However, if you musical tastes are for different styles of music, then these are by no means beyond Valerie's professional and musical capabilities and can also be catered for.

As a professional singer, Valerie's corporate entertainment music and songs selections are suitable for many seasonal events, including those required for winter corporate events, summer corporate entertainment, spring corporate hospitality events, Christmas parties and soloist services required throughout the year.

Where assistance is required with planning Valerie's role in your business function, this service can be co-ordinated by us as part your upcoming corporate event entertainment. With this activity effectively taken care of, there is one less event planning element for you to think about.

Information on available entertainment packages is available from Valerie's website, but where this does not meet all your needs, then bespoke entertainment solutions also exist. Perhaps you also have requirement for DJ entertainment services and we can also arranged this on your behalf -at additional cost- as part of your corporate event needs. Further information is available upon request, just call us.

Whatever your corporate event entertainment requirement visit Valerie's website for additional details...we are here to help.

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