Summer Events

Summer is here at last and more wedding bells will be ringing. Amongst the myriad of media and wedding entertainment highlights, your live wedding party is top of the bridal agenda for you and yours!

Special Summer Occasions

Now is the time to start planning for your wedding - even if you’re getting married in 2012. Knowing that you have ample time on hand, you can sift through many party entertainment singer websites and find one that is perfect for your wedding occasion. Taking your wedding music to new heights is the prime focus for Valerie Marks. When your wedding guests are seated and the party DJ embraces his decks and crank that volume, you know your live wedding entertainment singer will be taking to the stage to deliver awesome yet heart warming performances.

How Do You Celebrate Your Wedding Day?

Most bridal couple take the opportunity to have a quiet word with the wedding singer ahead of their first dance song, as it sometime calms the nerves and give them the confidence to get on the dance floor for a romantic carousel witnessed by everyone present at your wedding.

Soulful Live Entertainment

The best man can sometimes be deliberately mischievous and try to out do the bridal couple on dance floor when more than one father daughter songs are requested by the bride and groom. This is nothing more than a popular wedding entertainment tactics with intentions aim directly at shy or cold feet audience. The wedding DJ already knows how to play his part in this role and will frequently interject with popular wedding music to build wedding singer vibes and encourage everyone to take the moves from their toes and onto the dance floor.

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